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‘We support you with your greatest assets, your employees, to let you get on with running the business’

Our team of HR Directors work with our team of specialist solicitors, together we deliver bespoke advice to ensure the best outcome without delay and with the minimum of drama.

Uniquely we also provide you with a secure password protected portal for your sensitive HR documents and know how guides ‘

SOSHR has been designed to look after the small businesses, the business which are starting off, businesses which want to be sustainable and viable in the current market, businesses which want to have a reputation for looking after their staff, businesses which do not want to have a revolving door for employees and who strive for stability and harmony in the workplace.  

If that sounds like you and your business then you almost definitely need the services of SOSHR!

The team at SOSHR provides the best HR advisory support.

Its a network Of services which will support your business from taking the leap into becoming an employer and taking on your very first employee –  to supporting your business as it grows and your team increases.

SOSHR is designed with SME’s in Mind!

Employees are a key asset of every  business,  it is often left to the business owner to manage the employees when they really want to focus on the growth of the business.  At SOSHR we take the heat out of a situation and allow you to put your energy and time into what you love about your business.

SOSHR, gives you access to Director Level HR Advice and Support, both operationally and strategically but without the cost of recruiting a HR Director

So Why Sign Up?

You will have access to straight talking practical HR advice from experts in their field.

You will have the peace of mind knowing that you are complying with the complex HR legislation without you having to become an expert and by outsourcing this part of your business you can use your precious time on other parts of the business.

What’s even better is that your employees will know that you are protecting their rights by investing in experts who will protect them and the business.

If you needed any more reason to sign up to SOSHR and to recognise that your business is in safe hands when you do, our HR experts are also supported by a team of solicitors!

SOSHR is a division of Schofield and Associates, a prestigious award winning Employment Law practice.  We provide a combined force of expertise which ensures that even if you have the most challenging and unexpected employee situation we can support and protect you!

To book a free 15 minute consultation with a member of our team, click the Calendly link below:


And what do you get?

  1. Bespoke HR advice either online or telephone!
  2. Access to an online portal, where you can store your Employee Files securely.
  3. A cost efficiency in your business – what is the that actual cost of recruiting a HR Director? £45,000, £55,000 £65,000 or more – we give you the benefit of highly talented HR Directors at a fraction of the cost but with all the same skills and expertise.

Our team are available when your business needs them.  We offer a full service to support your business when you need us, even if its out of hours, so support you with what’s on your mind!   We do not provide standard, generic documents!

Each document, letter and policy is bespoke to your business,

Our advice is tailored to your needs, requirements and to meet your objectives.  Applying employment legislation is not an exact science and because your employees are different the solution to the situation will be different as well … and tailored to meet your needs!

We ensure that you are on top of your HR obligations

Our advice is always pragmatic and robust.

This leaves you with more time to concentrate on running and growing your business!

Our on-line HR packages are designed to save you time and protect your business.  We know that things aren’t always perfect but when they do go wrong you want a quick pragmatic solution and advice form a trusted expert to give you options to resolve the issue and sort out the situation.

So, whether your business is sailing in fair weather and you want to ensure that you are protected in the future or the clouds are dark, the waters are choppy and you need some help, then you can use one of our subscription HR packages as your lifeline.

You can have the HR support you need and the easy life you deserve with one of our tailored packages costing from as little as £105 per month.


You will discover that our HR team has over 25 years experience of working in commercial HR Departments and are:

    • Proactive and available – we will work with you. By using our intimate understanding of small and medium sized businesses, we can help you deal with your HR problems easily on. Your dedicated HR advisor is just phone call away.
    • Happy to give you the advice and support you need in an easy to understand way.
    • Understanding and sympathetic to the needs to small and medium sized business.

Which is the right package for you and your business?

You can get the level of support that is right for your business. We offer 3 packages with each one coming in 3 sizes, start-up (0-5 employees), small (6-15) and medium sized businesses (16-50 employees).


HR advice, guidance and support from your dedicated advisor whenever you need it. 2 hours telephone advice per month, 24/7 access to your own online document portal which gives you the forms and checklist templates you need to meet your business’s HR requirements.



S.O.S. HR Plus
The Standard package PLUS bespoke letters for your business. Every business and set of circumstances is different so, on occasion, you will need bespoke letters which are included in this package for between 6 & 10 employees.



S.O.S. HR Premium
This includes all the benefits of the HR Plus package with diversity training for your managers included.



SOSHR – a division of Schofield and Associates Employment Lawyers.