S.O.S. HR for Your Business

It’s a hard transition for any business owner. The step from being a one-man band to being an employer is a difficult one. The first concern most business owners have is keeping profit levels high enough to pay their new employee and themselves. A close second is managing their employee effectively and staying within the law.

Interestingly, there are similar tricky transitions when you take the leap to employing 5 staff, to employing 15 staff and then again at other key points. This is due to the unavoidable growing complexity in your business as it expands. The more people you have, the more formal and rigid the business organisation you need with well-defined roles and responsibilities.

Also, the more people you employ, the more probable it is that someone will disagree with you, with a co-worker or with what their job role is.

It simply isn’t possible to scale up the way you deal with HR matters with 2 or 3 of you to when you have a team of 15 or more. You will need some support when you employ your first person. You will need more support as you add more employees. You might reach a point where you need to employ a HR manager but most companies with under 50 staff can manage with our external support at a more affordable rate.

Your Key to Growth..

The key to growth for small and medium sized businesses is recruitment. While some big companies, have tried the “zero-hour” approach, this does not fit your growing business. It is vital that you attract and retain the right people in the early stages. Your first step in doing so is to get your HR in order. This becomes simple when you have document storage, support and guidance in place.

At Your Fingertips….

Employment issues don’t just occur during working hours. Even when they do, you might be away from the office or need to put them to one side until the evening or weekend. With S.O.S HR, your HR department is available 24/7 from anywhere on your smartphone, laptop or desktop. You can manage everything on-line through our document portal at a time and place that suits you. You are also welcome to call or have an online chat with your dedicated HR expert during office hours.

And When Your Business Grows…

With the right HR support in place, your business will grow and your needs will change. At the end of each year, we will contact you to review your package and discuss your plans and aspirations. It is usually under-organisation rather than over-expansion that causes problems. We will work with you to ensure your company has the right structure in place to meet your growth targets.

The Quickest and Easiest Way to Manage Your HR

You are busy. All your time at work is spent running, managing and growing your business. The last thing you need is to be losing time over worrying about your employees and employment legislation.

Many employers try to ignore HR issues and hope they go away. It is rare that they solve themselves. Usually, they become harder to resolve, the longer you let them go on. This typically means you need to pay a solicitor to spend hours sorting it out rather than putting it to rest with some advice from a HR expert earlier on.

Most HR and employment issues can be avoided or “nipped in the bud” early on by having the right documentation and sound advice from a HR expert.

S.O.S. – Your HR lifeline

S.O.S HR is a new concept which gives you easy access to both of these starting from as little as £42 per month.

Quality HR advice is essential to the continued success of your business. As a small business you do not need expensive and cumbersome retainer contracts – S.O.S. HR gives you the support your small business needs at a very affordable price.

How Does S.O.S HR Work?

It is simple. You pay an affordable, one-off annual subscription fee which gives you:

  • Your HR lifeline for a full year
  • A set of checklists and templates for letters and forms
  • Full control to address your HR needs as and when they arise
  • Access to a HR expert either on the phone or via a confidential online messaging facility
  • Secure document storage in your personalised portal allowing you to access them 24/7 from anywhere via an on-line smart device, laptop or desktop

Contact us today on 01564 739103 or by email on info@soshr.online to set up your HR lifeline, so we can help your business navigate the HR world.