Ad Hoc Services

Sometimes you need some extra support that is outside your package. So, we offer a range of bolt-on services at affordable rates, to cover situations that may arise in your business from time to time.

You can minimise the chances of you needing our ad-hoc services by subscribing to:

  • Our S.O.S. HR Plus package which gives you 5 bespoke letters; or
  • Our S.O.S. HR Premium package which gives you 5 bespoke letters and diversity training for your managers so your company can avoid many of the everyday HR issues that plague most businesses.

Even with these packages, you may still require further support. This could be due to needing some on-site support for meetings or to TUPE employees across or to make redundancies.

This list is an indication of the range of services we offer but it is not exhaustive. All costs are exclusive of VAT:

General letters £110.00 per letter
Onsite meetings £75.00 per hour
Complex sickness absence and medical letters From £75.00 per hour
Redundancy consultation
– Letters for less than 20 employees £110.00 per letter
– Letters for more than 20 employees Price on request
TUPE Price on request
Contracts of employment
– Junior £200 per contract
– Senior £300 per contract
– Director £600 per contract
Consultancy contract £350 per contract
Staff handbook From £600.00