S.O.S. HR Premium


S.O.S HR Premium Support Package

The S.O.S. HR Premium package offers all the benefits of our S.O.S. Plus offering but with the added benefit of diversity training for managers.

This package has been designed for forward thinking companies or those with 15 or more employees. You have worked strenuously to get your company to this size or you have worked hard and progressed your way up to the position of MD. Either way, you will want to protect your company.

But do you have a ticking HR time bomb in your organisation? Discrimination (direct and indirect) does occur. Whether it is due to gender, age, race, sexuality or disability, it does happen, often unwittingly, in workplaces. The bigger your company, the more likely it is to occur.

The more employees you have, the more working relationships there are between each of them. For example,

  • With 1 employee, there is only 1 relationship (i.e. you and your employee)
  • With 5 employees, there are 10 working relationships
  • With 15 employees, there are 105 working relationships
  • With 25 employees, there are 300 working relationships

As you can see the chances of discrimination occurring rapidly increases as you expand. Discrimination is often unintentional and unexpected. The good news is that you can defuse this time bomb by giving your managers diversity training. This will help you avoid discrimination cases and let you fully realise the benefits of a diverse workforce.

You can avoid many of the everyday HR issues that plague companies by having well trained managers.

From £2200 Plus VAT Per Year Your S.O.S. HR Premium Support Package Gives You:

  • Unlimited HR advice, guidance and support from your dedicated advisor when you need it. If you have any questions or issues, then you can contact us anytime during business hours.
  • 24/7 access to your own online document portal for confidential records, useful checklists and templates for letters and forms – you can login anytime from anywhere you have an internet connection.
  • Secure, online storage for all your own HR related documentation. No more time wasted trying to find your important employee documentation.
  • A ‘closed’ mail network offers you direct access to a HR professional – you can rest assured that your communications will remain confidential.
  • Telephone advice – you can call your own dedicated HR advisor whenever you need to discuss a HR issue or an employment opportunity.
  • Live chat support during business hours – if you prefer.
  • 5 bespoke letters included in the subscription cost, for investigation, disciplinary and appeal matters. This is great value as 5 letters bought ad-hoc would cost you £550 alone.
  • Diversity training for your managers. Realise the full potential of a diverse workforce while anticipating any future problems before they arise. We usually charge from £500 for this training for clients who have not subscribed to S.O.S HR.

S.O.S HR Premium Support Package Prices:

Up to 5 employees – £2200 plus VAT

Between 6 – 10 employees – £3950 plus VAT

Between 11 – 15 employees – £5850 plus VAT

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